Whale Watching season around the Channel Islands

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by Channel Islands Whale Watching

It’s that time of year again, and I don’t just mean the holidays.

December marks the beginning of Whale Watching season around the Channel Islands just off the Coast of Ventura County.

While we all are hustling and running around caught up in the Christmas rush, offshore nature is in its own kind of race.

Gray Whales are migrating south as quickly as they can, with one goal in mind…make the calving lagoons of Baja Mexico to safely and peacefully give birth to their calves.

This migration takes place just off our coast, and Channel Islands Whale Watching is right there each and every year to observe these gentle giants.

In addition, this season promises to be extra special as recruitment has been up the past few years and there remains a great number of Humpbacks to be observed on a consistent basis.

We begin our tours December 26, and offer them daily through the month of April.

Don’t miss out on this incredible encounter that takes place right in our own back yard.

Just a few hours on the water will create a lifetime of memories for friends and family when you take the journey together.

You can reserve online @ ChannelIslandsWhaleWatching.com.

Looking for that last minute gift or stocking stuffer?

The gift of Whale Watching is one that family and friends will never forget. You can purchase gift certificates online or contact our office today @805 382 2900.

Have a Happy Holiday season and we look forward to seeing you onboard.

Capt. Frank


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